Foreclosure and its aftermath !!

June 22, 2020

The impact a foreclosure can have on your credit is magnanimous. Foreclosures are no worse than bankruptcy as these affect your financial health leaving a lasting impact for several years. There are alternatives to foreclosure which need to be considered wisely without caving into the emotional stress coming at you from all directions. Here are […]


Want to buy a Rental Property?

June 15, 2020

Rental Property purchase may not be as simple as buying your primary residence or doing a fix and flip project. It is imperative that you understand your rental market because you are purchasing a long term buy and hold asset. Just one oversight is sufficient to wipe out the prospective cash flow. One quality rental […]


Understand how Inherited Property is transferred to Beneficiaries?

June 4, 2020

Over the last few months life has changed significantly. If you have inherited a property during this time or making preparations, you may be facing tremendous stress. Knowing the most common, reliable, and powerful ways to transfer or receive a piece of inherited property is hugely important when it comes to expediting the process when […]


Help us build neighborhoods, Vote for RSOLOGY at Fed-Ex page

February 10, 2020

If you like our renovation, vote for your local residential redevelopment company by clicking here Visit our website to see how we could help sell your property, and also look in homes for sale if you want to buy your dream home.


Staten Island is the next Brooklyn, is now the right time to buy?

February 3, 2019

I smirked when I recently overheard a conversation at the gym, a lady named Sally who is in her 60’s was talking to her pal about trying to move out of her rental unit to find a permanent home. The friend asked if New Jersey or Staten island were even an option for Sally to […]


Who wants to leverage Hard money at the rates of an experienced investor without actually doing a single deal?

December 1, 2018

If you are a new REAL ESTATE investor and want to get started, we create a WIN-WIN situation by offering equity partnership on our deals. We have amazing deals which make money and add experience to your portfolio to help you get funding (HML) at cheaper rate.  


Cash flow Investment Property at below 70%

October 15, 2018

Amazing Deal in Staten Island, NYCAP rate 11%, booming neighborhood. The adjacent lot bought by a builder, multiple new constructions along the street ready to sell.Call (419)-777-6564 For DetailsA BEACH LOVERS INVESTMENT PROPERTY: (15min from Verazzano-narrows bridge) 4 beach bungalows that sit on a 40×100 parcel (3) one bedroom, (1) two bedroom bungalow, all redone […]


Its hard to find a good contractor !

July 7, 2018

Staten Island Contractor

We are looking for licensed and insured contractors who can fulfill time committment on the project. We will provide detailed scope of work on all of our rehabs. We need contractors who can work in Staten Island/ Brooklyn, New York.


Brooklyn Real Estate agents : Do you want to make quick money ?

July 1, 2018

Brooklyn Real Estate

Do you think that retail buyers are not worth your time ? Many Real Estate agents do not know the value of working with investors. I invite all Staten Island and Brooklyn Real Estate agents who are interested in making quick cash on properties which are not turn key. As Real Estate investors, we provide […]


Cash buyer/ Rehabbers in Staten Island/Brooklyn

June 29, 2018

Did you just miss out on this great deal at Staten Island near the ferry area ? For more deals in the future, call me today at (419)-777-6564 OR Type “cash” and send the text to 347-650-3391. Do not wait as good deals do not last long.